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Flaming Reef Lobster


A bright red small lobster immediately distinguishable by a white “bull’s eye”-like marking on the forward side of its rostrum, it also features orange bands on its claws and legs. The sharper edges of its claws also carry a line of white spikes.


Not only was it totally unknown to the region until Winter 2017-2018, the Flaming Reef Lobster also appears to be the first specimen from the Enoplometopidea family to have settled in this region, most probably “imported” from the south by hurricane Irma in September 2017.

Notable feature: Crab-like claws identifies it as an Asticea as opposed to a Palinura, like the other three most common species of lobsters found in the region (Caribbean Spiny Lobster, Spotted Spiny Lobster and Red Banded Lobster).
Environment: Specimen featured here was found hiding in a gunwale recess on the Franjack wreck at a depth of 20 metres (approx 60 feet).
Behaviour: Extremely shy.
  • French designation: Homard des Epaves
  • Latin designation: Enoplometopus antellensis
  • Creole designation: -
  • Latin family: Enoplometopidea
  • Size (cm): 17 max