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Black Durgon

Aspect: An oval narrow black body with thin white lines adorning the root of the dorsal and anal fins, wafting against a light blue backdrop is what most divers will ever see of the Black Durgon. In fact, under adequate lighting the skin reveals a very subtle assembly of diamond-shaped scales and a number of coloured reflections, as photos herewith show.
Population: Common.
Notable feature:

The unmistakable feature of the Black Durgon are the two thin bright lines that run along the base of the lazily undulating and far set back dorsal and anal fins. Quick dash emergency speeds are generated by the tail fin. Powerful mouth.

Why Triggerfish? The name is owed to its peculiar mechanical defense system by which the dart it erects in lieu of forward dorsal fin is vertically locked in place by the second spine.

Environment: Near coral mounds, over sandy seabed from where it feeds on small crustaceans.
Behaviour: Difficult to approach and photograph.
  • French designation: Baliste Noir
  • Latin designation: Melichthys niger
  • Creole designation: Bous Nèg
  • Latin family: Balistidae
  • Size (cm): 55
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