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Fairey Basslet

Aspect: Bright blue /purple colour fades to orange midbody and finally turns bright yellow aft; very long and pointed blue or purple pelvic fins.
Population: Common.
Notable feature: Sophisitcated colour scheme with red/dark red line from snout across the eyes, plus black stain on the dorsal fin combine to fool the observer's eye on the actual orientation of the fish, especially when it rests belly up against the ceiling of a rock ledge.
Environment: Close to bottom in quiet and relatively shallow waters, around rocks and coral boulders that offer quick shelter.
Behaviour: Wary, very small and in constant movement, thus extremely difficult to photograph except in aquariums (which is generally the case).
  • French designation: Serran Nain Royal
  • Latin designation: Gramma loretto
  • Creole designation: -
  • Latin family: Serranidae
  • Size (cm): 4-5.5